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2019 Update


From October this year, we will start to deliver our quizzes to you online. That means they'll be arriving to your inbox, not your letterbox. The quiz itself isn't changing, so the same great content your customers enjoy every week will be unaffected.

What will change is how you receive quizzes. We will no longer be mailing you an individual pack with all the collateral for each quiz. This means your questions booklets, Topic Sheets, and Jackpots (if you do them) have to get to you and your customers another way. We have redesigned our collateral to cater for these changes.

InnQUIZitive, our Aussie subsidiary, has been successfully running this digitised system since the start of this year. We've also tested it thoroughly ourselves at a number of local venues.

We've developed the below FAQs based on our testing to provide more details on how your quiz will work going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the change to digital delivery?

Our goal has always been to make running your quiz night as seamless as possible for you, so that you can focus on providing a great experience for your customers.

Despite our best efforts and proactive production deadlines, many of our customers have found the physical delivery of their quizzes to be increasingly unreliable, with mailed packs arriving late, or not at all.

We've always had digital backups to provide for these emergencies, but because our quizzes were designed around the physical packs, these documents could often be cumbersome and require a lot of printing. With these changes we will be able to guarantee that an easy to use, hassle-free quiz will arrive to you in time for your event.

Is the quiz pack arriving digitally the only upcoming change?

We've made these changes with an eye to the future. For now, digital delivery will mean, come rain or shine, your quiz will always arrive on time. Soon though, we will be making additional upgrades, including a new cloud-based scoring and marking system to make your life easier. Digitising our quizzes is a crucial step in allowing us to make quality of life changes like these going forward.

Will the quiz content itself change?

The way the quiz is written and structured isn't changing, so your punters won't be putting up with a different product to what they're used to and love.

We have however always wanted to write much more contemporary quizzes, and now we can. Because we won't be doing a printing production run and relying on snail mail to get it to you, our deadlines won't be so far behind the night your quiz is actually being run. We could potentially be asking your punters questions about things from the previous few days!

By not printing so much we'll also be chopping down a lot fewer trees, which is never a bad thing :)

Is there anything I have to do before the changes go live?

The only thing for you to do is be aware of the changes, and to familiarise your staff and hosts with them. We'll take care of the delivery end.

Are you keeping the physical team answer booklets?

From market research, we know teams still love using pen and paper to do our quizzes, so we're keeping the team answer booklets.

They will however have a new look, including additional spaces for teams to write down the topics for the week, take notes during the quiz, and answer the Jackpot.


How will I get the team answer booklets?

Instead of sending you a few booklets at a time, we'll courier you a big box of team answer booklets and scoresheets at once. Hand them out as required to your teams.

They should last you a good few months, depending on how many teams you're signed up to run with.

When your box is running out, just let us know, and we'll send you a new one. Easy!

How are my host's question booklets changing?

We wanted to keep our quizzes easy and simple to use, so we came up with a digital version of question booklets that you can use on any computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.


What format is the new booklet in?

The digital booklet is a small HTML file, basically an offline website. You can open it on any device that has a web browser.

You can share it with whoever needs it on the night, whether your hosts or markers, like you would any other file.

How do I use it?

The new booklet has the same structure as the old one, just without physical page breaks. Scroll through it like any other website.

Video and audio questions are still designated by camera and speaker emojis.

There is also an answers only section at the end of the file for easy marking. Click the Round titles to move quickly back and forth between the main booklet and the answers only section.

There is also an answers only section at the end of the file for easy marking. Click the round titles to move quickly back and forth between the main booklet and the answers only section.

Download a demo of the new booklet ▸

Where will I receive this file?

This booklet will be emailed to your venue at the same time as your PowerPoint slides.

If you currently receive your quiz via download link from us, we will default to sending it there. If you are an AMS, Orange Door, or Nightlife customer, we will send it to whatever email you gave us as your contact email.

If you want the files to go somewhere else, directly to your host for instance, just get in touch and we'll add them to our mailing list.

Can I print a copy myself?

We know some hosts will still want to host off a piece of paper. The new booklets can be printed just fine, but for those that love the current format we'll still send you a PDF of the old style of answer booklet.

Any “old school” hosts that want a physical copy will be able to print one.

How are you replacing Topic Sheets and Jackpots?

These have been moved on to the PowerPoint slides.

The topics for the night are part of the new Welcome slide. Launch the quiz early and keep it on the Welcome slide so that teams can write them down as they enter your venue.


If your venue does the Jackpot, this too will be found in the PowerPoint, at the very end of the quiz. Teams will answer them on the very back page of the new booklets.


We know teams love to write on the back of the physical Topic Sheets, so we've included a tonne of additional note pages in our booklets to make up for the loss of the Topic Sheets.

If I have other questions?

This whole process will require some fine tuning. We've done our best to plan everything so your venue isn't impacted negatively by these changes, but our production manager Matt Ansley will be on hand to help you through the process or answer any questions you might have.

Contact him at:
Tel: 09 583 4398

If you have any other questions, please contact our main office number as usual and we'll help you out from there.

Tel: 09 523 0492 (0800 QUIZ ME)


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