Pop Quiz

It's a little bit of pop, and a whole lot of pizazz!

Think pop culture, showbiz, movies, fashion, video games, glam, YouTube, apps, music, Twitter, TV and celebrity fails. Put it all together and you have a night of not-so-serious entertainment.

This is our entertainment quiz, aimed at a younger bracket and incorporating the less brainiac stuff of today's world. It's not science, history, geography, sport or art and literature – rather pop culture, music, TV, movies, fashion, YouTube fails and the like. It's also a lot easier than our standard quiz.

The quiz is interactive, run through a big screen. Needless to say, the quiz host is still an integral part of the event!

The quiz is slightly shorter than the standard quiz too, featuring a starter handout, six rounds of questions, plus a 'Ponderous Puzzle' and 'The List', lasting approximately 2 hours. One of its most innovative features is the 'Fastest Finger' round, where the smartphones come out, and teams can find the answer any way they like – with the quickest team to text the answer to the host scoring maximum points!

What's in the Quiz

Every quiz is made up of several different components. Each is explained below:

6 rounds of questions

The topics take in every possible area of interest, and will feature both recent and historical content. Some questions will be obvious to a four year old, whilst Granny will have no idea, and vice-versa!

Fastest Fingers

To solve this puzzle, you may Google, text, email or even phone a friend! It's all about speed. The only thing you cannot do is swap answers with another team, and spelling must be accurate within reason.

The first team to solve the puzzle gets ten points, second nine points, third eight points, fourth seven points and so on, with ninth scoring two points and any other correct answers scoring one point.

The Joker

Play me well. The success of your team depends upon it!

Choose one round before you start for which your points will be doubled. A team's success is pivotal to choosing which rounds are their strongest suits. The best way to determine this is to pass around the topic sheet, with each team member selecting their favourite rounds. The two most 'ticked' topics are where you should play your Jokers!

Ponderous Puzzle

An ongoing problem where a clue is given at the end of each round. It could be a famous person, year, country, object, movie, book or band. The clues get progressively easier, with teams receiving points dependent on how quickly they solve it. The quicker they solve it, the more points they get.

Last Man Standing

A 'heads or tails' style individual competition run in 'quiz' style. Usually run as an ice-breaker to start the night, you have a sheet of ten questions. Everyone stands up. Ask the first question, and give the two answer options. If a person thinks the first answer is correct, they put their hands on their head. If they think the second answer is spot on, they'll put their hands on their bottom. Announce the answer and anyone who gets it wrong must sit down. Carry on in this fashion until one person remains. They win a prize!

The List

This takes place halfway through the quiz when you take a drinks break. Read out the category for The List. Teams write down ten items relating to the category, taking care to write down their 'dead certs' first on The List, and their hunches last. This is because once they get one wrong they break the chain, and stop scoring points. For instance, if they get number 5 wrong, yet get numbers 6 - 10 right, they only score 4 points, as the chain of correct answers was broken at number 5.

Handy Docs

Sample Pop Quiz Sheets

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It's a little bit of pop, and a whole lot of pizazz!

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